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Post by RUBBISH » Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:26 am

please visit,leave comments,or become a member of RUBBISH NATION and contribute roilsome material for the blog!
reveiws of noise related material wanted
you can be ANON if you want and use me as cover to rip on something that sucks or to gush all over something you like without being called a NOISE BRO or making someone angry

i will be posting new and old RUBBISH material
(reveiws of RUBBISH releases WANTED!!! honest!)
my reveiws and mp3 rips of noise releases both new and old
posting pictures of my art,old records and tapes of an odd sort,rants,odd things i like to think about or do,music compilations,videos,and whatever else catches my rotten eye and ear


RUBBISH LIVE 7-9-99,the tracy freeman disater show

Tracy freeman was a drunken 90lb crackhead women in the audience that i,PAT RUBBISH 200+lbs and KELSO ASHBY III 175lbs,had to tackle to the ground and hurt because she was hitting people,stealing their drinks,yelling stupid shit,breaking things,she threw a bottle at my friend ILYA during his set,in general she was being a total fucking loser and was lucky that we are nice guys or she would have been raped,beaten,or killed that night but we just locked her in KELSO'S van where she passed out and PISSED on the floor!
yes that sounds like she was performing that night but no that was her usual everyday shit...everyday!!!

i assume she is dead now with all her dead "babies" ... eeman.html

i also imbedded a RUBBISH player featuring 40 or so RUBBISH tracks
also an XDUGEF player featuring 20+ of his live sets
and will be making more playlists of artists and people i like

1.Rubbish - Fireheap2.Noise Attacker by RUBBISH3.Rubbish-columbine-good-luck-band-3-20-994.Rubbish - Vomitorium Live5.Rubbish @ Sacramento Sound Art Festival 3/8/08 P16.Xdugef & Rubbish @ New Zone Gallery Eugene 3/6/08 P27.Rubbish & Gunt @ Sacramento Sound Art Festival 3/8/08 P38.Rubbish @ Excommunicate House Vancouver Wa 3/4/08 P29.Rubbish @ Excommunicate House Vancouver Wa 3/4/08 P110.Rubbish @ Sacramento Sound Art Festival 3/8/08 P211.Rubbish At New Zone Gallery In Eugene March 6th 200812.Rubbish @ New Zone Gallery Eugene 3/6/08 P113.Rubbish @ New Zone Gallery Eugene 3/6/08 P214.Rubbish & CEREBRAL ROIL15.Rubbish On In Both Holes Kwva Radio 3/4/ in LA - 2/29/08 by in LA - 2/29/08 #2 by RUBBISH18.Cuntorious by RUBBISH19.None Master by RUBBISH20.War Against The Usual People by RUBBISH21.Elite Defeater by RUBBISH22.Rabid Cat Summoning by RUBBISH23.Good Bye Bad,Hello Good by RUBBISH24.Manual Attack by RUBBISH25.Psychedelic Swordsman by RUBBISH26.Strike Force by RUBBISH27.Dwellers Ov Thee Cultural Wastelands by RUBBISH28.Forever Whitetrash by RUBBISH29.Vandevil by RUBBISH30.He was Somewhat of an Artist by RUBBISH31.What Is The Hope... by RUBBISH32.are you ready for some rock 'n' roll by RUBBISH33.Anti Hippy Music by RUBBISH34.I Love Blood by one ear by with the other by RUBBISH37.S O B by RUBBISH38.Doorways of Emotion by RUBBISH39.ozark mountain white devils by RUBBISH40.Cadastre for the Cadgy by RUBBISH41.Rump Ranger Reveille by RUBBISH42.DEAD MUSIC SIDE B by RUBBISH43.MURDERED MUSIC SIDE A by RUBBISH

1.Xdugef At Norcal Noise Fest 20072.434noise - Xdugef @ The Muse, May 20, 20063.Xdugef: Il Corral: 9.7.07 2/24.Xdugef & Rubbish @ New Zone Gallery Eugene 3/6/08 P25.Xdugef - Live 7/12/086.Xdugef @ The Knockout 10/17/077.Xdugef Live @ Noisepollination 078.Xdugef - Mind Fucked By Noise 079.Xdugef @ Excommunicate House Vancouver Wa 3/4/0810.Xdugef @ Il Corral 090707 Il Corral Los Angeles P211.Xdugef Live @ Evocal 6/21/0912.Xdugef @ Pre-party Int'l Noise Convention13.Xdugef At Eugene Noise Fest 200714.Xdugef @ Music Beyond 2/28/0915.Xdugef At Pocket Sandwich 7/11/0816.Xdugef Live At Noise Bbq 200817.Xdugef Pt. Ii @ Preparty Int'l Noise Convention18.Xdugef @ New Zone Gallery Eugene 3/6/0819.Xdugef Live@bent Fest La 2007 Loud20.Xdugef At Godwafflenoizepancakes21.Xdugef - Live 7/12/0822.Xdugef: Il Corral: 9.7.07 1/223.Xdugef @ Sacramento Sound Art Festival 3/8/08 P224.Live@bend This Too L.a 2006 Il Corral
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