Busey Teeth CDr / Serious Business CDr NEW RELEASES!

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Busey Teeth CDr / Serious Business CDr NEW RELEASES!

Post by JoeTheStache » Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:22 pm

Finally, after way too much fucking time, i'm jazzed to announce the release of BURIAL GROUND "Critters" 4xBizCDr set on SERIOUS BUSINESS CDR. One disc for each film in the franchise. Each disc is spray and drip painted and comes in its own sleeve featuring scans of VHS sleeves. Also included is a full color double sided insert, and it's all housed in sewn and screenprinted cloth bag.

And 4 new CDrs fresh off the burner for BUSEY TEETH CDR.
BT011 - Cory Strand "A Very Dark Place" (ANW)
BT012 - Humanextermination Project / Planet Shithead split (darkwave/noise ..... harsh noise/harsh drone
BT013 - Handsome Trash / R.F. / Planet Shithead split (HN ..... warbly audio manipulation/ambient ..... HNW)
BT014 - Dosis Letalis / Planet Shithead split (HNW)

bandcamp streams coming soon.


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