wat do u put in yr curry?

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Post by spoiledpussy » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:24 pm

Vegetable Thai curries are pretty rockin..love potatoes and carrots with basil in my Thai curry...then add some cock sauce and rice...damn its making me hungry.
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Post by Abulikah » Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:42 pm

sesame seeds, finely chopped garlic, ginger, lemon grass and Thai dragon peppers in the oil

add: soy sauce, coriander, garam masala, allspice, ginger, tumeric, cardamom, anise, cumin, paprika, lemon grass, galangal, orange & lemon peel, fresh mint & cilantro to the chicken while frying

add: coconut milk, curry paste, fish sauce & brown sugar - simmer

add: broccoli, green onions, carrots & bell pepper

serve over rice

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Post by elizabeth Veldon » Sat May 18, 2013 2:47 pm

curry basic: you need veg stock, onions, garlic, ground cumin and your favourite curry powder.

fry the onions and garlic until clear, add whatever veg you want, pour in veg stock and add one table spoon (not tea spoon) curry powder and two tablespoons of ground cumin.

basic indian curry recipe you can't fuck up.

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Post by Kelmourne » Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:41 pm

-Thai Red Chilies
-Chopped Peanuts

Pre-mixed curry powder is for wimps. Just get the ingredient spices and make your own. The most important ones are Cumin and Turmeric.

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Post by ¼ dead » Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:25 am

Pre-mixed curry powder is for wimps.
Foodie elitism is for douchebags. Not everyone can afford to buy all their "ingredients" from Whole Foods, TJ's and farmer's markets, or shell out for individual spices. Even the cost of cheap-y brands like Badia adds up quickly. I can play this game too! :twisted: (TW: BOXED CURRY MIXES).

With that said, I do add lots of extra cumin and turmeric, and just a soupçon of five spice ("omg, plebs, make your own artisanal spice blendz!") to my pre-made S&B curry bricks. I've been eating that brand since childhood. It's what I know... it's what I love! CURRY SNOBS EAT SHIT!

The extra spices really do make it that much better. They seem to add an almost lemon-y "zing". It's good enough, and I'm lazy enough, that I'll eat it as is with no other ingredients. Just pure, greasy curry sludge (melted down in a little peanut oil for extra unnecessary calories) over calrose rice. Occasionally, I'll throw in a tiny dash of cinnamon, ginger powder (I can hear the "foodies" groaning again) and/or some habanero or soy sauce. If I can be bothered, I'll chop up a whole onion and pretend throwing that in constitutes a proper meal. Sometimes, I get real shitty and lazy and throw in those hippie dog food "crumbles" (TVP), or some kind of rubbery faux-chicken or canned imitation duck wheat gluten.

That's pretty much how I do curry in 2016. But I'm eating a bag of baby carrots right now and I'm thinking, I'd like to try some carrot-y curry. Carrots are not something I ever really use. Especially not large pieces. But it sounds good right now. I'm thinking I wanna get really gay with it and add a little peanut butter (more groans), and perhaps a little coconut oil, because I want it to taste like salty liquid peanut brittle.

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Post by xdugef » Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:52 am

I recently bought some curry ketchup.. it's okay

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