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FS: tapes + CDs

Post by FireAlarmPoet » Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:00 am

As promised, I'll start selling off some things from my collection; there may be more coming, and not necessarily just things to listen to, so keep that in mind if the selection here seems rather meager to you. Currently only accepting $$$ through Paypal (no trades): anotherarbitraryalias@gmail.com


-10564 + FAP - live (Grandpa Spaceship): live improvised harsh noise collaborations; I have plenty of copies of this one so if you're interested in wholesaling PM or email me
-BASTARD NOISE - recycled (RRRecords): harsh noise
-NEKROSIS - Deathraid demo 2003 (Eternal Darkness Creations): black/death metal
-SHE SAID NO - Isolation and Rejection (Worthless): harsh noise, power electronics
-THE THIN WHITE PUKE - Primeval Filth / Playing With My Corpse (self-released): power electronics, death industrial, synth; comes with patch (well-used)

CDs - see prices listed + shipping:

$10 - DEMONOLOGISTS - Miscarriage of the Soul (Crucial Blaze): blackened/dark harsh noise; near mint, only played once, comes in clear DVD case with button, sticker, adverts, etc.
$5 - HIGH FIVE AND THE NIKKEI SIX - I'm in Noisecore Trouble (Noisekoor): obscure 'modern' japanese noisecore, "112 songs fuck head;" 3" CD with insert in standard-size CD slim jewel case
$20 - Brazilian black metal funpack, includes:
-SARCOFAGO - Die... Hard! (Cogumelo/Greyhaze): original digipak pressing; never played; still has clear protective sleve
-SARCOFAGO - Nights in Hell (bootleg): a more modern incarnation of this classic live boot; this version is not archived on discogs
-SEXTRASH/MUTILATOR/VULCANO - Belo HELL Horizonte Assault (bootleg): super-DIY-looking bootleg of three live shows from three classic early Brazilian black metal bands; presumably taken from an earlier bootleg which had some additional bands on it

FLOPPY DISKS - see prices listed + shipping:

$3 - PREPUBESCENT WARFARE - Discovery of Porn demo 2011 (self-released): obscure shitty noisecore by yours truly; second edition with slightly improved audio quality and unique jewel case with insert

USA = $3 for one CD or tape, $0.75 each additional
Canada = $9.50, $6.00 each additional
Mexico = $11.75, $9.00 each additional
UK = $13.50, $9.00 each additional
Ukraine = will not ship (sorry, been ripped off/had complications too many times there)
anywhere else = $13.75, $9.00 each additional

...international shipping costs are ridiculous!

And of course I still have plenty of copies of Sensitive to Textures left: $8 CD/$7 tape plus shipping, ask if interested in wholesaling.

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Re: FS: tapes + CDs

Post by killing raven sun » Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:16 am

i advise investing any funds received in some give away sandwhiches, seriously

killing raven sun
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Re: FS: tapes + CDs

Post by killing raven sun » Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:35 am

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