Floppy Kick news + stock deep cleaning

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Floppy Kick news + stock deep cleaning

Post by floppykick » Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:06 am

Some of the releases are now available from Underbelly Soundartmedia & at Varia, Rotterdam: https://varia.zone/en/
These releases are sold out in the last 2 weeks:
-Chibre / Trou Split
-Fecal Fetal single
-Trocomordedor single
-Bass-O-Matic single
-1-Up Collectif single
-The New Blockaders & Kommissar Hjuler single

Now all the singles & splits are discounted to 1€ only (instead of 3€) and box-set prices has been cut to half
to make some space for the new ones, get them while you can:
Also order at least 5 release & you will get a Floppy Kick laser-cut & engraved wooden keyring too ;)

All the releases have download codes inside.

current stock:


order in PM, at our fb Page: https://facebook.com/FloppyKick
or in email: floppykick at gmail dot com

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