jliat is being blogged about uh oh

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jliat is being blogged about uh oh

Post by clemon » Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:52 am

http://spurensicherung.blogspot.com/201 ... -some.html
some coumpletelay weird noise the british sound artist jliat sent out to his followers in the early tooth=ow!=sands. and it's no fun at al.. l.in the late nineteeenthnineteeth and in the eerie twosoundends the british sound artist jliat used to send out some 3-inch-cds as christmas greetings to his combatt=ants and followers. here are some of these=those heavy listeners:
i thought the beethoven stuff was more recent? still want a copy of the alku release, from when he was still trendy etc.
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