Extreme Volume Pop - Tape Music 2014-2016

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Extreme Volume Pop - Tape Music 2014-2016

Post by MGLUE » Sat Sep 01, 2018 7:18 pm

Cassette music has a special appeal for some, particularly experimental musicians and "noise" people. Much that is here was recorded and forgotten--dug up later, listened too intently to try and glean the facts about when and where. It's a mixed bag of experimentation, not all of it great. Sound quality will vary, and tape hiss will be endemic. Some of it is abstract, some straight noise, some rock and keyboard. But, the world of tape hiss and recording directly onto it lends reality an artificiality, a distance that is at the heart of musique concrete and other avante garde forms. I've sent packages of cassettes to places as far away as Serbia and South Korea. A cassette, unlike a CD of course, can be recorded right up to the end, allowing you to work bits and pieces around the edges. And it is time consuming to reproduce them, tape after tape. Yet, still, something about the form calls me back, as audio tape can be manipulated with its own special resonance manifesting audibly. Note: To the best of my knowledge, all the stuff "found" here was performed, produced and recorded by me over the years. If I accidentally included something from someone else, the theft was inadvertent and unintentional. But all's fair in love and art.

https://extremevolumepop.bandcamp.com/a ... 014-2016-1

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