Split with Sanyan (Ambient Noise Wall and Emo Trap)

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Split with Sanyan (Ambient Noise Wall and Emo Trap)

Post by RasTheDestroyer » Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:40 am

Pretty much what it says on the tin:
https://soundcloud.com/the-halophiles/s ... frxsty-jim

Format: .m4a
Run time: 9:16

Cryin' On Yo P*zzy lyrics:
Acid gang fo' pussy bwoys
I'm diggin/fuckin her out
I cry when I nut/cum
She kickin me out
I dip her out her house
issa cycle...
Yeah I don't wanna catch feelings
Imma fuckin sucker mane
I'm just a piece of meat to her
I wanna do more lover shit tho
Ey I see other couples doin couple shit
I just got this fuckin ultra horny bitch
I can't go outside without a problem
I can't take her out we got a problem
Don't want her I want the idea
Don't give a damn tho....I don't give a shiiiiit
I'm ???????????????????????????????????????
Dat pwussy has me sad yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
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