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Exhaust Valve Records New Release!

Post by Mosh Grind » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:26 am

Exhaust Valve Recs are immensely proud to present Jericho, the recent but already consistent and powerful Brazilian harsh noise wall project, a more extreme subgenre of harsh noise. Static without development. Listen and download Jericho free at:

Link: https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... setimo-dia

Other releases from Exhaust Valve Records.

EVR #1: P.M.N.T. - Acidente [EP] (Harsh Noise)
EVR #2: Verme - W0rW [EP] (Harsh Noise)
EVR #3: Dawn Of The Noise - A Tribute To George A. Romero - Various Artists (Grindcore, Noisecore, Harsh Noise, Goregrind)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... e-a-romero
EVR #4: Under The Pain - Duo (Drone Noise)
EVR #5: Cojaa - Desaparecidos (Harsh Noise)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... aparecidos
EVR #6: Noise Machine & Anarco Vomit Noise - Split (Harsh Noise)
EVR #7: Industrial Noise Harsh 6 Way - Various Artists (Harsh Noise/Industrial Noise)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... arsh-6-way
EVR #8: D.O.M. - Devaneios Oscilações Mentais (Industrial Noise/Harsh Noise)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... es-mentais
EVR #9: P.M.N.T. - O Inconfidente (Harsh Noise)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... confidente
EVR #10: Marcelo França - Experimentos Restritos: A Desolação (Industrial Noise/Drone Noise)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... a-desola-o
EVR #11: Pompeii Burning - Mitos de Origem (Harsh Noise)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... -de-origem
EVR #12: Sonic Stupor - Filth Implosion Face [Demo I] (Blacknoisecore)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... ace-demo-i
EVR #13: Sleep Of Ages - Ao Vivo Na Lavanderia (Experimental Noise/Harsh Noise)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... lavanderia
EVR #14: Political Prisoner - Mumia Abu-Jamal - Various Artists (Noise/Harsh Noise/Industrial Noise/Power Electronics)
https://exhaustvalverecs.bandcamp.com/a ... -abu-jamal

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