shitty magician

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shitty magician

Post by fire » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:04 am

everyone does magic every day, intonation through thoughts and motions, conjuring a future

most people approach life haphazardly, half assing that which requires whole asses, cheating and cutting corners

this is a shitty magician, working blindly with energies that they only partially understand

idealistic perfection as a goal leads to a reality beatdown, especially when pursued with precision guidance

a realistic perfection is dirty and rough and has no quality of perfection, yet is perfect, it is the way and the life, what ever that means

expectations form ideals, perfection evolves from grouping ideals, the schism begins in the mind where perfection demands more of reality than it can deliver

expectations drain the lifeforce out of everything until it dies, lastly, the perfectionist

instead, be prepared for anything, intonate with informed intention

dont be a shitty magician

there are balances and imbalances but never deficits
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