Forbidden Planet (1956)

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Forbidden Planet (1956)

Post by TwoYearsonWelfare » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:51 am

The soundtrack to this early sci-fi film was the inspiration for the legendary Krell patch (a self-generative modular synth patch). The soundtrack was the first wholly electronic soundtrack. The film is visually stunning for its time (although watching it today, if feels like a b sci-fi film from the 70's. Tom Barton designed the synth patch to imitate music from the film, supposedly performed by Krell musicians.

The movie makes for interesting watching, despite it being dated. ... _lifestyle

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Re: Forbidden Planet (1956)

Post by xdugef » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:59 am ... se_Terms#K

Krell patch:

In the movie Forbidden Planet which is much loved for it's early and experimental sound track which included sounds that were generated with aspects of entropy an ancient race called the Krell have left behind an underground power planet capable of creating an infinite amount of power. A Krell patch is a type of random self oscillating patch. The patch is like a feedback loop where the output is connected to the input that is what causes the sounds to change and continue to evolve. The sounds created are usually long rising and falling pitches which variations in duration and intensity.

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