Kissed (1994)

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Kissed (1994)

Post by MGLUE » Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:14 pm

Vapid indie movie about necrophilia fails to convince, as the actress looks more like a campus coffee house barista than a corpse molester. Her weird twirley dance when she is gettin' it on with the corpses puts me in the mind of a joke Chris Elliot once told in a gag comedy skit, about a weirdo Hollywood indie movie script where a woman does the "mythic goat dances of the elders."

I wanted to see this movie since about 1999,a nd it has taken me three weeks to get through it. The only real point of interest I can comment on is the fact that it is based, in a sort of vague way, on the true-life story of Karen Greenlee.

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