It's (still) all about the TEF

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It's (still) all about the TEF

Post by Soddy » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:28 am

TEF - Cast 3" cdr (Pitchphase)
When noise gets confused with craft, nothing satisfies like a good, hard, TEF. The mastersoundcrapsman continues to hone that earhole candycraft noisepervection, leaping well over the steaming noisehorde in a single bound. It good. Radiant razored rawness. Brilliant blister-flit shitefight. Rapid-fire chug-a-log reduced to ashes, as they say in the track title. The general cadence here is one of contrast - looped scrapmetal textures thrown headfirst into sploogepools of peaky screech-cyst. Herky-jerked about, pausing occasionally to dwell on neat nuggets of nuance, then exploding in hyperspasms of multifaceted whiplash spine-crack-or-jack. Lots of ideas compressed into the most miniscule of intervals, the whole nevertheless unfolds in a way that flows very organically through its myriad delvings, deviations, and deformations. Composed as fuck, yes, but the sheer, physical, brutality of the movement feels unforced, as if mashed up on the ultra-geared fly. The six minutes and fifty-one seconds of track 2, "Throwing Lead", takes this physically-cranked brutality further, as if the TEF-spazz is, like, totally freaking out on the ER waste management staff with skin-ribboning slicies and gut-suckering dicies. You can see the metallic gore spattering about, skewers and pincers poised momentarily for dramatic effect before going back to work on the razor-wracked flesh wreckage. Something someone said? But it`s not all full-on fun and games. Heavy-handed, percussive, crunchy-scrunchies leave plenty of breathless moments amid the chunk-a-dunk turbulence. Or at any rate, at least the barest respite required for that final gasp. Here now the taste in the mouth is more metallic, harder-edged, bitter. And the much deserved punishment pill - what else would it be? - meted out with a more disciplined, deliberate, sense of bodily violence. This fucker hates you, you love him for it, and you are going back for more. What TEF`s all about.

Tourette responds:
"Cast" is very good indeed. i really like it and listen to it almost every day. still, i think that "reduced to ashes" is a bit of a failure as a TEF track. don't misunderstand me, that is a great noise piece but after the 3rd minute, the composition becomes confused. after a highly focused opening, noise starts to scatter and the structure goes more like a collage of unconnected sequences. as a result, it doesn't reach the intensity it should. all of those textures are great by themselves but just don't articulate very well. was it intended ? maybe but Kevin Novak used us to some better structural evolutions and to bring tension to higher level on "Corrugation".
on the opposite is the second piece. totally focused from the beginning to the end, it is an absolutely stunning track of asphyxiating noise that jason really describes well.
when it came out, i was whining about the length of the release. well... i am more frustated now.
Soddy counters:
I'd say the "frustrations" here visited are very much deliberate. The spasmic opening remarks are all Novak, kind of a signifying "TEF in tha mothafuckin house". Dude flops it out, demos those mad skills. And then, just to pound the point indelibly home, he extends for a good three minutes and forty six seconds. Me: in the zone, head be nodding, shite-eating grin firmly affixed, and then suddenly -

fucker applies the brakes. Cheeky bastid. Hops out. Wanders around. Nerve endings in bunches. Hands gripping and ungripping. Wailing on a trash can here. Dry humping a baby AIBO there. Whatever groove you thought you were into thrown completely out of wack. And you wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wanting, needing, begging for it to come back. At the six and a half minute mark things are picking up, starting to groove, and you're almost sure this is it, this is IT, THIS. IS.

Uh-uh. Ain't gonna happen. Not this time. Not ever. Cue "Throwing Lead".


That's one take anyway. In general, the more spastic species of harshitude is a tough nut. I've lobbed similar critiques over the years - Pain Jerk has been a prime target. One of the "issues" may be what makes it so attractive to begin with. Surface dynamics become overly familiar relatively quickly; the more prounounced the dynamics the quicker the release. And that's that. The surprises, gone. All the secrets, revealed. In the words of RRRon, it (dynamically articulate spasmation)'s blown its wad. It been played out.

TEF works for me in good, short, hard, doses. I'll keep coming back for more, but I like to space sessions out for maximum skullfuckery. In this case, I've had a blast alternating between the epic unfoldings of the simul-reviewed HOTFD, and the harshfuckfest of Cast.

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