Outsider Art - UK HARSH - Fleshlicker, Ordeal by Roses, Active Denial, Kuebiko

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Outsider Art - UK HARSH - Fleshlicker, Ordeal by Roses, Active Denial, Kuebiko

Post by APPLE » Tue Feb 26, 2019 3:12 pm


This batch aims to showcase some of the best new projects, at all ends of the harsh spectrum, coming out of the UK right now. The whole batch is available at a discounted price.

Listen at www.outsiderart.bandcamp.com
Purchase at www.outsiderart.bigcartel.com

FLESHLICKER is the solo project of Michael D. Brown (Ex-Swallowing/The Viennese Aktionists). Harsh noise grind, moments of creeping synth static, punctuated by scathing vocals and drum machine. Completely free of the humour so often found in noise grind, it presents an uncomfortable experience for the listener. Grindcore through a Power Electronic lens.

Ordeal By Roses is a Welsh Power Electronics project. Formed from the ashes of Blood Medals, Ordeal By Roses is a deeply personal project, focused on death, loss and mental struggles. Two pieces are presented here, one harsher, and one more subdued track with vocals that really reflect the loss this project expressed buried perfectly in the landscape that has been created.

Active Denial are a new duo based in the South of England, bringing us here vocal heavy power electronics. Very minimal synth gives the vocals room to breathe and make it reminiscent of the sound of some of the original PE acts. This is the first release since their impressive debut live shows, and is another step up from their first tape on Cheap Food Records.

Kuebiko is very much a fixture of the Nottingham noise scene, part of the team responsible for the Rammel Club shows. On this, his cassette debut, he presents two slices of pure harsh noise that easily hold up against the best of current acts. Feedback blends into static seamlessly, with precise and carefully attention paid to the detail and texture.


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