Cheap Cassette Tape - Europe

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Cheap Cassette Tape - Europe

Post by Ogata T3tsuo » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:52 pm

Where to find cheap blank cassette tapes + duplicate in Europe?

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Re: Cheap Cassette Tape - Europe

Post by drcz » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:31 pm


How did it go? I guess it's too late for that answer but perhaps someone else will find it useful...

I used with polygraphy and duplication; the former was nice, the latter good in most cases, though some pops occur on some cassettes. I paid ~115eur for 30 cassettes in glossy printed o-card with one-side ontape print. Runs above 50 copies or plastic case instead of the o-card would be significantly cheaper ofc. They don't have any info on their prices, you have to ask by email, but they respond rather fast. I guess I'll use them again though home duplication on chromium tapes gives better results (but I'm also learning to master the stuff for tape now). Shipping from Poland to Spain was ~35eur (I had 3 series of these, i.e. 90 cassettes, but I don't think the price would be lower for smaller amounts, neither it will be more for larger unless you order >4.5kg :)).

There's also but I didn't try their tapes neither services, just noticed the prices are slightly lower (tapeline got expensive when they switched to superferrics).

Since you are based in Portugal, maybe ask these guys -- they either have cheap source or burn a lot of cash (I'm pretty sure they duplicate at home though)...

Good luck!

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