New Batch on Busey Teeth CDr Feb 2019

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New Batch on Busey Teeth CDr Feb 2019

Post by JoeTheStache » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:56 am

New batch today!
BT017 - Metallica Is Dead / Heavy Metal Vomit Party split CDr (harsh noise / HNW)
BT018 - Identity Combat "Time Will Tell" CDr (power electronics / feedback worship)
BT019 - Superror / Kelsey(y) / Hooked Talons / Mallard Theory split CDr (harsh noise)
BT020 - Video Nasty "Coward Crusher" CDr (gorenoisegrind)
BT021 - Frustration Builder / Mallard Theory / Are The Volcanoes Still Active? / Planet Shithead split 2xCDr (HNW)


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