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Moon Myst Music 2018

Post by deadlymyst » Tue May 22, 2018 4:50 am


Available catalog: -
  • GEL MAUSOLEUM "Flesh Staircase" cassette (ed. 20) $6ppd (last copies)
    MOSSY THROATS "Embalmer's Story" cassette (ed. 20) $6ppd (last copies)
    DOORWAYS TO HELL "II: Sculptures of Ittenbach" double cassette (ed. 20) $10ppd (last 2)
    D.DLUGOSIELSKI "Wilting Earth" double cassette (ed. 20) $10ppd (last copy)
    GERANIUMS "Omnibus Vol. 1" cassette+cdr set (ed. 20) $12ppd (last 2)
    CLINICAL TRIALS "Raze Out the Written Troubles of the Brain" cassette (ed. 30) $6ppd
    SOLANGE "Peep Toe Ankle Boot on Cobblestone: Premorbidity of Delicate Throat-Slitter" cassette (ed. 30) $6ppd (last few)
    ANDY LIVINGSTON "A Hourse of Course" cassette /50 $6ppd
    ROBERT RIDLEY-SHACKLETON "Slave" cassette /50 $6ppd
    SENSUAL SPASMO "Lichhouse Drip Feed" cassette /50 $6ppd
    GERANIUMS "Acidic+" cassette /50 $6ppd
    Szdanik Tuuutiitak / Gel Mausoleum "The Weekdays of an Electronic Man" split C60 /40 $6ppd
    Beast Flower Coiffeuse / Mossy Throats "Membranes Bear Breaths of Traumatic Insemination" split C30 /40 $6ppd
    Tremolo Ghosts / Worker Vs Parasite "Gibraltar" split C60 /50 $6ppd
    Fatal Gaze "Ritual Two" C31 /50 $6ppd
    Manuel G "2006-2016" C90 (recordings produced between 2006-2016) /75 $6ppd
    Juice Machine "Parallel Patterns" C40 /50 $6ppd
    Obozdur "Raw Expressive Forms Vol.2" C60 /50 $6ppd

Hidden Worlds (noise and outsider music mix, silently hosted by mmm)


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