New batch on Hair On My Food Tapes!

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New batch on Hair On My Food Tapes!

Post by JoeTheStache » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:03 pm

Fresh batch out now!

HOMF032 - Ginger Cortes / Extreme Chafing split c90 cassette (Very old, previously unreleased material from both projects. Mixtures of HN/HNW)

HOMF033 - Cory Strand/ Planet Shithead split c23 cassette (reissue. drone noise wall all around)

HOMF034 - Pig Shrapnel "Foot Fetish" c30 cassette
(There's a lot of HNW about feet and Pig Shrapnel wanted to cash in on it, so here's some Junk Noise Wall about the most succulent of feet.)

HOMF035 - Deflowered-Cunt / Planet Shithead split c90 cassette
(Deflowered Cunt set their noisecore aside to drop ~45min of shifting HNW. Planet Shithead answers with 5 tracks of varying HNW.)


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