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Active Denial

Post by APPLE » Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:05 am

Active Denial offer their first communique, a twenty minute demonstration of intent recorded live in studio. Three distinct pieces draw from the otherworldly shadows of industrial experimentation, the frenzied self-assertion of hardcore punk and the indulgent cruelty of power electronics yet remain situated comfortably outside of each. Varying in theme and delivery, each piece embodies the ennui of dead end towns, overcast skies and rain soaked pavements.

The meaning of Active Denial is to create one's own reality. To celebrate the individual and set one's own rules. To decipher the secrets of the world and judge their value according to nothing but one's own convictions. It is the active nihilism which denies all traditions, all expectations and all ideologies; all musical boundaries, genre restrictions and artistic poses; all collectivized tastes, received behaviours and social considerations. Active Denial of all other desires, tastes and agendas; this is for the self.

Inspired by the 88th Psalm, the first piece submerges the listener in a funereal atmosphere with mournful violin backed by whirring electronics and a wailing vocal which rises from the bottomless pit. The intensity increases with rough, swirling noise moving from background to foreground as the vocal rises in palpable despair, until being swallowed by a whirlwind of fierce electronics which brings the piece to its inevitable death slowly and painfully.

A crunching industrial rhythm clatters and lurches throughout the second piece, undercut with lethal, piercing electronics and rabid vocals. High pitch and high risk. A lyrically dense piece unfolds wherein dark shapes crawl through trauma's trapdoor, exploring the irrational intertwining of violence, memory and physical response. Abrasive textures atop the relentlessly churning rhythmic backdrop create a volatile power struggle within the music, as the unhinged vocal delivery escalates to a disturbing level of violence.

A crescendo is finally reached as the third piece spitefully bombards you with scorching electronics and vocals at their most lunatic. Sensory overload and the sound of tables turned. The harshest and loudest piece on the tape, this is the moment of madness as your hand reaches for the knife in preparation for a most violent, final refusal. Cruelty is indulged, the self asserted and the judgement of all others denied. One must follow his own convictions to distinguish between shit and champagne. In a world where so many would have us believe we are the former, it is only a demonstration of ferocious strength such as this which allows us to affirm ourselves as thelatter.

£5.00 plus postage from UK.
Hand numbered edition of 50 tapes.


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