Moon Myst Winter 2018 Catalog

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Moon Myst Winter 2018 Catalog

Post by deadlymyst » Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:12 pm


Andy Livingston "A Hoarse of Course" cassette (C43) /50
Tripped out, hallucinatory sound sculpting from ANDY LIVINGSTON (member of the almighty MOLD OMEN). Two side-long dirges of kaleidoscopic and freaky, yet nicely zoned-out psychotropic noise. A heavy, opaque electric ear-blanket that provides sensory deprivation and extensive cerebral massage. Limited to 50 copies, full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Robert Ridley-Shackleton "Slave" cassette (C30) /50
The King of Card's saga is great one, and where he finds himself now on this trip is a remarkably strange, wonderful, startling and unhinged place, as documented on this triumphant cassette. SLAVE cracks the boundries between love, noise, beats, sex, card, life, heart, consciousness, card, death, and sexy, sexy card. Artwork provided by RRS, photo by Pier Corona. Limited to 50 copies, printed on vellum paper.

Gel Mausoleum "Splatterhouse" cassette and DVD box set (5XC90, DVDr, altered vhs, files) /5
SPLATTERHOUSE finds Gel Mausoleum at his most disconnected and abstract. Expansive suites of electronic noise document the sights, sounds, smells and meals of the daily existence of the unliving. Sadistic in tone and length, SPLATTERHOUSE creates an unfriendly atmosphere for over 7 hours. Due to extreme frequencies and triggering sounds, this album is not recommended for those who are:
epileptic or prone to seizures
suffering from misophonia
suffering from anxiety or despair
prone to severe panic attacks

This special edition box set contains 5 90 minute cassettes in color-specific tinted cases with color j-cards printed on vellum paper, "Splatterhouse: Visualizers for Your Home" DVDr in hard poly-box with color artwork, vhs horror film with altered cover, stickers, information inserts and a download code for files of the album in full. Limited to 5 numbered and signed box sets.

Gel Mausoleum "Splatterhouse: Visualizers for Your Home" (DVDr, files) /20
An hour and a half of brainwave transmission visualizers featuring material from Gel Mausoleum's SPLATTERHOUSE. Revel in the mindless gaze of the vhs dead. Hypnotic, color-splashed gore drips from your home theatre system and makes you feel like you're there (and you might not want to be!) Extreme binaural frequencies and rapid flashing involved, not for those living with epilepsy. 90 minutes, unrated. Housed in a white hard-poly box with full-color artwork, limited to 20 copies. Also comes with a download code for files of the album in full (over 7 hours!)

Sensual Spasmo "Lichhouse Dripfeed" (C60) /50
Fiendish morphic sounds from black-gloved manic IVO MUSA (aka SOLANGE.) Perversely bizarre scenes of sonic cacophony daze each victim, leaving them soft and ripe for a keen, jagged slash. Limited to 50 copies, full-color artwork printed on vellum.

Geraniums "Acidic+" tape (C44) /50
A full-length blast from psyjazz decimation unit GERANIUMS. First release with our new guitar melter ZACH HOWARD (of Merciless Game, Total Shit Project, Tsujigiri and so on.) This cassette contains the ACIDIC material in full, with the addition of explosve live sets featuring our friends Daryl Fraser and Michelle Birawer, plus a bonus track! Limited to 50 copies, full-color artwork printed on vellum.


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Re: Moon Myst Winter 2018 Catalog

Post by Fletcher » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:02 am

RIP Pier Corona
100 paper copies / 32 black & white pages / electronic sounds of various strains

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