Floppy Kick older (2013-2015) releases final discount!

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Floppy Kick older (2013-2015) releases final discount!

Post by floppykick » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:11 am

From now on, all the 2013-2014-2015 Floppy Kick releases (singles, splits and box-sets) are discounted to half-price to make some space ;)
Orders are processed constantly, please be patient if we can't check it in minutes!

All of them have a download code!

Singles & splits: 1.5€ / pcs
Box-set: 5€

The discounted releases:

FCK 002 Computer Suspect - Aʞrótata (Miniature) experimental from Greece, AVALABLE
FCK 003 Arytnelanuko - Synechtrie experimental noise from the Czech Republic, AVAILABLE
FCK 004 Fecal Fetal - Mechanisms of the Hissing Field experimental from Finland, AVAILABLE
FCK 005 Ogun Oru - Voices of Dead Memories noise drone from Peru, AVAILABLE
FCK 006 Jez PA Speelman & Adam Hunt - Classic Pop lo-fi noise pop from Australia AVAILABLE
FCK 007 Raven - Hadron Collider lo-fi noise from Serbia AVAILABLE
FCK 008 Trocomordedor - Mundo Payaso 悪質な harshnoise from Chile AVAILABLE
FCK 009 Der Domestizierte Mensch - Not Today industrial noise from Germany AVAILABLE
FCK 012 Supaypadadá - La Sien De Ciroan noise rock / noisegrind from Peru AVAILABLE
FCK 013 Xtematic - File X experimental/noise from Croatia AVAILABLE
FCK 014 Loopool - Egolosses experimental noise from US AVAILABLE
FCK 015 She Destroys Hope experimental noise, Germany AVAILABLE
FCK 016 Kylie Minoise - Flock Of Scythes experimental noise from UK AVAILABLE
FCK 017 Bass-O-Matic - Bonus Track experimental bassguitar noise from Hungary AVAILABLE
FCK 018 Spastic Burn Victim - Space Oggity experimental / harsh noise from UK AVAILABLE
FCK 019 BxUxG - Froward glitchy experimental noise from Switzerland AVAILABLE
FCK 020 Kyary Ero Guro - Oyasumi harsh noise from the UK AVAILABLE


FCKSPL 002 Chibre / Trou - Chibre / Trou split noise from France AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 004 Refrain (USA) / Lefterna (Macedonia) noise AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 005 mhz_ / жертва талидомида noise / experimental from Poland AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 006 Zebra Mu / Robert Ridley-Shackleton experimental noise from UK LAST COPY!
FCKSPL 007 Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh... experimental ambient, Portugal AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 008 Omut Mora (Russia) / Feldgrau (Poland) dark ambient / experimental AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 009 Pregnant Lloyd / Team Phosphenes noise/experimental from USA and UK AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 011 Ego Death (Greece) / Der Domestizierte Mensch (Germany) industrial noise AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 012 Natal Mors (Germany) / Струп (Belarus) lo-fi noisy industrial AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 013 Høly Vøid (Belgium) / Tristan Burfield (UK) dark ambient / chiptune AVAILABLE

FCKBX 001 Kisszanto - Dajkáim experimental/downtempo, Hungary
plastic box-set (5 diskettes) with full covers and a sticker Ltd to 12 pcs only

you can order at the discogs store, in email (floppykick@gmail.com)or here in PM.
Paypal accepted of course.

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