The Tender Song of the Elegant Orbitoclast

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The Tender Song of the Elegant Orbitoclast

Post by stringent » Mon May 08, 2017 11:42 pm

The Tender Song of the Elegant Orbitoclast

"The Tender Song of the Elegant Orbitoclast" is an extended piece primarily written as the soundtrack for the interactive game “The Asylum”, for which it was commissioned. Due to the song’s expansive nature however, it is also ideal for meditation, long commutes, or dark rituals.

Further information about “The Asylum” can be found here

The track is available to download for free, or on a pay what you feel basis, as well as being accessible on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Please listen with headphones. Close your eyes.

Disrupting honest tranquillity with a sharpened analysis of found sound and urban field recordings, intermittent slabs of harsh dynamic noise, and manipulated cassette tapes.

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