New experimental net label looking for artists

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New experimental net label looking for artists

Post by Piety Circuit Productions » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:18 am

From compilations to upcoming artist album teasers to split albums to collaborative group projects like the Piety Circuit Arkestra & unplugged acoustic releases, we feature diverse experimental and innovative artists from a variety of outsider genres. We welcome lo-fi just as much as professionally-produced music. To join PCP, contact us here with links & further email submission info

CALLS TO ARTISTS (everything you need to know about our various projects)-

We are currently taking submissions for our next compilation in the works, "Blight of the Beat". The only criteria is a track or two that are no longer than around the 10 minute mark, the music must be experimental in nature, and in FLAC or WAV format. Include any info/links/album art/genre tags you want and send to

So far, the artists in line are:
1- Metalogue-
2- Royal Hungarian Noisemakers-
3- Celestial Sight-
4- Obasquiat-
5- Linda Goodmans Love Signs-
6- MOYO-
7- Bionightmare-
8- Puddleman-
. . . - Stembreo-
email if interested in joining (10 artist limit).

Piety Circuit Arkestra No.1-

Similar approach to the Arkestra, except every sound must be acoustically generated (little to no distorted production applied). Raw field recordings/makeshift percussion are just as welcome as traditional (no matter how exotic) instruments, and the playing can be just as improvised/jazz in approach or more structured. Only slight production/overdubs will be the allowed electronic intervention though. contact at if interested (10 artist limit)-
Artists so far:
1- Puddleman-
2- Stembreo-
3- ZH-
4- Obasquiat-
5- Sober Drunks-

Any artists interested in releasing temporary album teasers for their upcoming releases (with links to pre-orders, etc.) send all audio samplers with a couple tracks that would be posted on our Bandcamp download page until said albums are released, with artwork (request the Piety Circuit logo for album artwork if needed) contact at:

To help unite the roster, any artists interested in doing PCP split releases, comment on this post, and possible collaborators reply to those comments (correspond with each other). Submit any music agreed on for these to and Parker Weston will collaborate with the artists on the album artwork. These will then be released on the PCP bandcamp (as well as the artists' music pages)

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