One of my favorite topics of conversation: suicide)!!

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killing raven sun
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Re: One of my favorite topics of conversation: suicide)!!

Post by killing raven sun » Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:20 am

our material life here is a near death experience, we live with death everyday in many ways, battle against it taking a life, use it to better ones own life

life largely remains a mystery, the biologist cant find it, the philosopher is unsure of it, the fool squanders it and the spiritualist knows it isnt here

life is often measured by the deaths it experiences

when one has a "near death experience" it would be correctly called a "near life experience", there are tales of the beautiful light (sun) and a pathway to infinity (electric Birkeland currents), talking with a loving unjudgemental god (your own future perfect self), and a sense of wholeness (conscious unity)

when one sheds this mortal coil there is a resoning with god(you), at that time it is determined whether you should continue on to other experiences or if you should return here to complete this lesson, taking conscious control of this mechanism is the meaning of "life"

when you return here you choose your parents based on emotion at time of conception, some are born in love some in rape, this is part of the lesson, in fact most of the lessons of this earth revolve around overcoming pain and adversity, so that you dont keep wanting to come back here as a rape baby

interesting reading... ... mysteries/

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Re: One of my favorite topics of conversation: suicide)!!

Post by WhiteWarlock » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:36 pm

Panzer-man, panzer-man, O You-- ... ther-files
blame it all on her "Evil German Daddy"
not her fucker poet husband Ted Hughes
he was busy at the time banging Assia Wevill from Palestine/Israel
who 6 years later
put her head in the oven because of him fucking some other bitch
while she was raising his kids from Sylvia
that's more than half baked love triangle

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Re: One of my favorite topics of conversation: suicide)!!

Post by DonaldKrump » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:40 pm

baked love triangle, that's great. Intense photo

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