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Re: Your Setups

Post by moch » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:42 am


took this photo on a old laptop for noise aesthetic

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Re: Your Setups

Post by Mino » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:14 pm

My setup varies quite a bit. I try to make every record completely different from the last, but there are some pieces of equipment I use on a regular basis.

I use a Realistic Stereo Mixing Console. It's completely broken, so any track that goes through it becomes completely distorted. I usually line-in to a computer (just to export audio out and loop back to my audio interface). I do this when I want to layer multiple tracks, and usually do this until it makes a LOUD crashing/whistling sound. Clipping the signal really colors the sound in a devastating way. I also use some pedals to intensify the signal, like a Maxon OD808 and a Mooer Distortion Pedal.

I also plug my mics into amps to create a really saturated vocal tone, and/or generate lots of feedback. I have a pretty heavy duty 100W bass amp that I plug into for a live sound, and for a line-in sound I just use amp sims from a DAW or use distortion pedals straight into an audio interface, clipping all the signals as much as possible without turning the whole sound into a bitcrush mush. The amp itself can get loud enough to generate it's own feedback, but with the mic added in it's just god awful and unbearable. I use different mics and layer the feedback from them to create an echo sound if I want. I also own a broken Squier 15w combo. I have NEVER pushed this amp, but with the master volume at 3 it gets ridiculously loud. Like, it really goes hard as f***. I'm actually afraid of this amp because I don't know just how loud it can get before it will blow.

And of course, just simple recorders for field recordings / white noise.

Everything else is just improv. Use pots and pans, make crashing/blasting sounds using found objects. Drumkits, heavily distorted bass, etc. It's a pretty bare bone setup.
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Re: Your Setups

Post by Tilthelight » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:48 am

My setup changes pretty much every time I play live or go to record. I treat my equipment as though it's modular, but not in a giant case on my wall.
First is a Tascam DP01 that I load sounds/drones into and play as a glorified interactive sampler, I also use it for feedback looping at times. Sometimes, I use it as a recording device. Next I have a Zoom ms60B for typical effect usage I'm what we do. It also sounds amazing when feeding back into itself. I use a boss RV-3 literally for no other reason than I like how it sounds it's my favorite reverb. Next is a yamaha pss480, stock, not circuit bent, which rarely gets used live. I typically use it to make sounds that get processed further. Though, it makes some pretty insane sounds. I use a standard sm58 mic, I have a guitar and a bass but they are never used live. I also use a Harbinger mixer, for obvious usage. For the more oddball pieces of kit. I use a Sony TC 200 reel to reel recorder. Another odd piece is my 1939 tube driven Webster Chicago wire perfectly and will literally fuck up any sound that goes in. Lastly and least exciting I use a computer. More exciting from it though is VCV rack which if you don't know about then definitely check it out. I've been personally using it a ton. ^-^ well that's all for now, I'll upload some tasty gear porn later.

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Re: Your Setups

Post by Fletcher » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:01 pm

This thread is a mine of information and influence. Mino and Tilthelight, great contributions.

Currently my setup is a bit like this.

I have a pioneer plx-1000 turntable and I have been sampling the run out grooves of various records into a Boss Rc-3. You can get some great rhythmic clicks and pops just from the closing loop of a record. I loop and layer these at various rpm (plx-1000 give you +/- 50% pitch which allows for great flexibility).

This is my sound source, which I then distort and mangle with various pedals and effects. Still experimenting with how this will evolve into something I can perform with live, but I'm nearly there.
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Re: Your Setups

Post by crochambeau » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:23 am


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