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Post by xdugef » Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:47 am

MKULTRA wrote:Cancer is still a possibility,

Give us a money shot of yer bounty.

FireAlarmPoet wrote:[1x 1/8" cassette splicer (!!!)

The journey of a thousand miles begins.
Baby steps.
Practice your splicing skills.
Learn how to get seamless edits.
Do a hundred, then do a hundred more.
Don't flake out after ten.
This is a SKILL. It very rarely comes naturally.
You can do serious work with loops.
Learn and develop this SKILL.

Loops of the art. ... tracks.htm
Money is 5th paragraph down in Blunt Instruments.
I've posted this one before and probably is tl;dr for those with a microwave mentality.
Unless you've heard the song nice and loud on vinyl, it really is hard to appreciate fully. YMMV.

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