Moon Myst Music Spring 2018 Catalog

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Moon Myst Music Spring 2018 Catalog

Post by deadlymyst » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:31 pm


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Szdanik Tuuutiitak / Gel Mausoleum "The Weekdays of an Electronic Man" split cassette C60 /40
A walk through daily electronic oblivion with Szdanik Tuuutiitak (Alexey Nakhodkin - Saint Petersberg, Russia) and Gel Mausoleum. Hallucinatory consciousness-folding free sound for pod people and digital citizens. In the near future our brains will be implanted with sensors to identify "auditory medication", which are easily cracked in order to live in a constantly lulled state in which the mind is fully active and the body outlives its use. Edition of 40 copies with full-color artwork printed on white vellum paper.

Body Morph "The Three Mothers" art cassette C60 #/8
A heavily effected miasma of dark reed and electronic madness. Abominable graven horns moan from rotting soil while corpses spasm from ancestral recall. A gluttonous soup bubbling and throbbing with emulsified plasma. An art edition of 8 numbered and signed copies. Full-color artwork, clear-gooped to classic "L" cassette cases w/stamped vellum insert.

Beast Flower Coiffeuse / Mossy Throats "Membranes Bear Breaths of Traumatic Insemination" split cassette C30 /40
A dual outpouring of unbalanced psychotic noise from Beast Flower Coiffeuse (Ivo Musa of Solange and Sensual Spasmo infamy) and the Mossy Throats. Three tracks each of solo maniac dungeon circuitry slashing from the outermost realms of exuberantly non-musical bloodlust. The strange only get stranger. Edition of 40 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Tremolo Ghosts / Worker Vs Parasite "Gibraltar / акордеон" split cassette C60 /50
A radiant collection of cozy songs backed with a heavy cloud of deep drone. Tremolo Ghosts' Owen Chambers (UK) is joined by Annie Gardiner (vocals and mastering) and Lewis Duffy (violin) for nine brilliant songs that feel like the freshest breeze. Worker Vs Parasite's piece "акордеон" was recorded live in Bristol January 2018. Members known only as Worker (accordion, noises) and Parasite (guitar, paintbrushes) produce a huge, stratified gust of fog that you will be happy to get lost within. Edition of 50 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Fatal Gaze "Ritual Two" cassette C31 /50
A lucid and unique grim drone offering from Ohio's Fatal Gaze. The austere duo of Ty Owen and David Reed perform a pitch-black ritual of sooty and nebulous subterranean synth. Tactitions immersed in fathomless research producing and carefully recording the crepuscular and hideous results. Edition of 50 copies with xeroxed artwork printed on vellum paper.

Manuel G "2006-2016" cassette C90 /75
An incredible cassette of ambient electronic from Manuel G (Southwest Detroit,. MI). Manuel is best known for his prodigious work under his long-running house/experimental moniker MGUN. On this tape Manuel get deep and hazy for the Moon Myst crew with 90 minutes of head-expanding tracks produced between 2006 and 2016. Edition of 75 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Juice Machine "Parallel Patterns" cassette C40 /50
Jagged and florid electronic noise from Eugene sonic attack unit Juice Machine. These kaleidoscopic side-long trips down the prismatic rabbit hole are like candy to an extraterrestrial moth-humanoid architect, fueling its frantic and mucus-based design process. The viscous white-hot oily substance flows and hardens and multiplies until a structure is finally built, its purpose undecipherable. Its definitely not for us humans. Edition of 50 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Obozdur "Raw Expressive Forms Vol.2" cassette C60 /50
Stunning opaque raw noise from Obozdur (Kamensk Uralsky, Russia). A deep amplified harsh electronic torrent ripping the earth apart until the dust swirls into deep space. Unglued expressions of absurd deep-fried cathodic pandemonium. Edition of 50 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Available Back Catalog:
GEL MAUSOLEUM "Flesh Staircase" cassette (ed. 20)
MOSSY THROATS "Embalmer's Story" cassette (ed. 20)
DOORWAYS TO HELL "II: Sculptures of Ittenbach" double cassette (ed. 20)
D.DLUGOSIELSKI "Wilting Earth" double cassette (ed. 20)/digital lp
GERANIUMS "Omnibus Vol. 1" cassette+cdr set (ed. 20)
CLINICAL TRIALS "Raze Out the Written Troubles of the Brain" cassette (ed. 30)
SOLANGE "Peep Toe Ankle Boot on Cobblestone: Premorbidity of Delicate Throat-Slitter" cassette (ed. 30)
ANDY LIVINGSTON "A Hourse of Course" cassette /50
SENSUAL SPASMO "Lichhouse Drip Feed" cassette /50
GERANIUMS "Acidic+" cassette /50

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