Noise Shed 2017 live compilation out now

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Noise Shed 2017 live compilation out now

Post by timdrage » Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:57 am

Documentation of our Noise Shed event at Cosmic Carnage alldayer this summer out now!


In the shed we had:

Medial Ages + Claude Heiland-Allen - Livecoding and diy electronics

General Harm - noise baseball bat guitar and other bricolage instruments

Jobby - epic casio journey with torn-up erotic novel readings

Psychiceyeclix - circuit bent havoc

Harmergeddon - noise/music from the secret sounds of discarded electronics and flickering light

Cementimental - raw performance with spring-guitar + multiple-octaved vocals

Nnja Riot - incredible violin and vocals and noise

Oliotronix - chiptune/glitched party timez


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