Floppy Kick eco series & budget series reissue discount!

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Floppy Kick eco series & budget series reissue discount!

Post by floppykick » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:34 pm

Floppy Kick eco series & budget series reissue discount!

They don't have fancy covers, just a handwritten label on the diskette + the download code,
all in a stapled, cd-sized, soft PVC case.

-Choose 10 pcs and pay only 5€ + the shipping, instead of 10€ + shipping!
-Choose 15 pcs for 8 € + shipping, instead of 15€ + shipping!

All of them are limited to 10 pcs only!

available titles:

eco series:
FCKECO 013 mhzesent - Untitled abstract lo-fi noise/chiptune/hiphop thing from Poland AVAILABLE
FCKECO 014 Anti-Aesthetic - Damage Done minimalistic harsh-noise from the USA LAST COPY!
FCKECO 015 Begotten - Chirripó ambient/dark ambient from Costa Rica AVAILABLE
FCKECO 016 Winjer3 - Blank VHS lofi ambient/abstract techno from the USA AVAILABLE
FCKECO 017 Supaypadadá - Wasting Our Time lofi industrial/noise from Peru AVAILABLE
FCKECO 019 The Serpentaire - Discordance experimental/hindustani drone, France AVAILABLE
FCKECO 021 No Way Out - Untitled noisy dark ambient from France LAST COPY!
FCKECO 022 No Way Out - Huygens experimental noise/ambient from France AVAILABLE
FCKECO 023 Uromancist - Platitudes (experimental) harsh noise from France AVAILABLE
FCKECO 024 Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo - ((((( experimental / sound collage from Argentina AVAILABLE
FCKECO 025 Peza - Monday Blues / Tuesday Swing free jazz saxophone from Sweden AVAILABLE
FCKECO 026 Eurydyka - Journey Harsh noise wall from Poland AVAILABLE
FCKECO 027 Bol E Zen - Gray Land AM experimental/dark ambient from Slovenia AVAILABLE
FCKECO 028 Lazyimbuzi - 042 raw grind/noise rock from Indonesia AVAILABLE

budget series reissues:
FCKBS RE 001 Brztot - Yavula eg othor kulmor vocal black ambient minialbum from Peru AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 002 Noisuicide - Floppy Zombie noise single from Peru AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 003 mhzesent - We have the drone ambience drone ambient from Poland AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 004 Arytnelanuko - Cugsmanbemi noise from Czech Republic AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 005 Ogun Oru - Dead child on my window experimental noise from Peru AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 006 Toxic Chicken - On A Budget (minialbum) abstract lo-fi from Thailand AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 007 Ogun Oru - Lost and forgotten mental places (video) from Peru AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 008 Gen 26 - Spazztronic lo-fi/ experimental from Slovenia AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 009 Peza - Nachthorn experimental lo.fi noise from Sweden AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 010 Supaypadadá - Life Is Absurd noisegrind, Peru AVAILABLE
FCKBS RE 011 Auvikogue - ? Syntax Error 2 experimental from Germany AVAILABLE

you can find release pictures and some more info here: https://www.discogs.com/label/563484-Floppy-Kick

order in email:

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or here in PM!
Paypal accepted of course. 8)

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