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Open Compilations

Post by DonaldKrump » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:12 pm

Just re-posting a bunch of compilations open for submissions that I saw on reddit. There's 3 total. Submit away. If you have or know and comps, please share. ... ion_album/
Okay, so I'm organizing my first compilation album for a digital release. I've got one pretty specific guideline for it, and hopefully it will become an ongoing series of compilation albums.
It's going to be titled "Time Dilation Vol. 1", and the guidelines are as follows:
Songs must be no shorter than 20 minutes, and no longer than 30.
Songs may be any type of noise, drone, or power electronics, and can incorporate other genres if necessary/desired. I'm not super particular, as long as it can confidently be called some form of "noise" music (so if you want to send me 30 minutes of noisegrind, go ahead, for example).
Email tracks to in lossless .WAV or .FLAC formats ONLY. NO .MP3 files or other lossy files!
Deadline, should I have enough material, will be July 31st.
Volume 1 will top out at four hours, meaning there are just about seven slots available. Any excess material will be used in Volume 2, should you consent.
Thanks everyone! Any questions can be asked here, or sent to the email above!
And /u/theteuth, feel free to put this on the Network page if you want, I have no problem with that!
Now that's what i call harsh noise compilation volume eight Looking for harsh noise tracks for a new compilation series, to submit tracks please send in WAV format to with the title volume eight, Maximum track length is 8 minutes, The deadline for volume eight is the 2'nd of july 2017 ... mpilation/
I am trying to set up a third edition of the Consigned to Oblivion series. Examples can be found at
I am trying to make #3, submit outtakes, demos, live fuckups, equipment fuckups, and horrible recordings to me at
Things that shouldn't exist but do. Failures to achieve a concept are heartily endorsed.
The release will be Consigned to Oblivion #3 at
I would appreciate abstract artwork submissions!

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